listen live Afghan Radio

Listen to Afghan Radio live online on the internet! 24/7!

New Afghan Rap Janaan Ft Rafie

New Afghan Rap In reggaeton style. Janaan ft Rafie & Elle Lysrics Atal Zahed Safi & Janaan_M . Hope u like It

Bollywood world

Click to watch mix indian movies @

Afg gets NEW national anthem

Afghanistan gets NEW national anthem! ANthem was made in bonn by an afghan poet.

Afghan Polyphonic Ringtones

New Afghan/pashto tv channels

Read about new afghan/pashto satelitte tv channels like abasin, shamshad and tsaar tv. (Comming Soon!)

Himmat: NEW Afghan movie onlin

First Tapa with popmusic

Janas khan fused the first pashto tapa whit popmusic 'wai allah wai allah'.

.: Google pashto

the pashto versien of google.

.: Ariana >> Schiphol

Ariana tickets now also available in Amsterdam (Schiphol).

.: Fizza Fayaz VIDEOS

.: Afghan Movie

klik to watch 'de konde zoi' online!

.: Guestbook / contact us

Ter verbeteringen van dit site, schrijf in het gastenboek. alvast bedankt. see you next time! and give me TIPS

.: The new film KABUL EXPRESS

The film KABUL EXPRESS comming soon!

Xpider Studios Presents!

Xpider studios is an new afghan bassed studio/compagny from Holland.

Najim Nekzad VIDEOS

Watch the NEW sweet wedding video's of Najim Nekzad (A NEW singer from Holland).

First Afghan Messenger

Talk your friends with pashto messenger! NEW

Khoda Gawah- Afghan version

here is for the first time fully interprated hindi movie Khoda Gawaah in pashto!!!

Watch short drama's (funny)

Click Watch pashto short funny drama's! (More comming soon!)

Watch videos NEW album: yarana

watch this NEW HOT VIDEOCLIP's of rahim shah's new album Yarana! Yarana: a new album of Rahim Shah about the good friendschip of Afghanistan and pakistan.

Dil ne di hai vs pashto

Listen to 'DIL NE DIA HAI' remixed in pashto by Zamir Gharzai.

New singer: Huma Afghanmeena

An oder NEW pashtun singer from (Kˇln) Germany. Her cd will be realised in April with Yar mohammad, afghan radio and tv singer. Her cd will soon be online! Clik for there official websites

.: chorla baba (pashto drama)

choorla baba choorla: pashto funny drama serial (Realplayer)

.: Sangar Taraki video

watch the sangar taraki video online!

.: Sonu Nigam in Concert

Sonu Nigam (a indian singer)live in concert in Kabul! klik to watch his concert.

.: Afghan funny videoclips

.: Kandahar (movie)

watch kandahar movie online

.: Rahim in Shah Germany

Watch Rahim shah;s interview live from germany!

(Video)clip of the week Radio

Deeyah ´Moslim Madona´

Deeyah, or "The Muslim Madonna" is soon releasing her new album, on that album beside English, Urdu/Hindi and Punjabi she will have a Pashto Song! This Album will be releasing worldwide, the Pashto song is didicated to the Afghan Mothe

Avt Khyber 2nd Anniversary

Watch online the concert video's of avt khyber 2nd anniversary!

Ulus yar khan VIDEOS

Watch the NEW HOT videos of Ulus yarr khan online!

listen to:Avt khyber interview

listen to the avt khyber interview whit Dr. kabeer storay (an afghan poet)

.: live in concert videos

.:New MTV videoclips in Afghan

watch MTV VIDEOCLIPS in afghan remixed by shamshad Gawandi (More comming soon!)

.: AVT khyber

Pashto TomTom System

Download voices for your Navigation system to let him speak in pashto language!

.: Learn Pashto

learn pashto cd-rom oder free listening lesson on web!

Farsi movie online

.: Lost of a great Afghan

inalillahi wa inalillahirajiown

.: First pashtun women pilote

.: Hindi videoclips in pashto

.: Taraki Brothers

Mokhtar Taraki > a New young talented singer from Holland (eindhoven). Listen Here too sweet songs of Taraki Brothers. We wish them a nice future in music.

Afghan rap video

This clip was made by Arif askar Ibrahimkhel, Khaled Taraki en his friends in Holland. 100% hot videoclip watch it now!

.: Afghan ARMAN movie

Klik to watch this afghan movie online!

.: Irfan Khan videosongs

He is very popular in Afghanistan/ pakhtunkhwa and he is the singer of the year 2005!

.: The Beast (Movie) Pashto

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